New Zealand

Wetsalted hides (full substance/unsplit)

The production season in New Zealand is starting in October and goes thru August with peak production from January to June. New Zealand hides are:
  • 100% machine flayed
  • Fleshed in green
  • Head and shanks trimmed
  • Drumsalted (Brinecured)
  • Selection 80/20 I/II, thirds and rejects out
  • No tick and hump, max 3% brands
The weights are "fleshed and trimmed" and weight ranges are as follows:

under 20kg     average 15kg
20/24kg          average 22kg
24/27kg          average 25.5kg
27+ kg            average 27kg

under 14kg     average 11kg
14/18kg          average 16kg
18/23kg          average 20.5kg
23+ kg            average 24kg

20/27kg          average 23.5kg
27+kg             average 31kg


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