New Zealand wetsalted woolly lamb skins

Grade B

Pelt Specification:

New Zealand Skin Selection:
Holes and exposed flay cuts:

New season woolly lambs
First & Second Grades
90 cm and up
Slightly misshapen acceptable
Maximum of 3 faults within
100 mm of pelt edge. No flay or
holes in neck area. No exposed
flay, except for one area less
than “small fingernail” in size.
A small hole or exposed flay in
front leg acceptable, if not past
the gusset area.
No seed, light rib.

Wool Specification:

Wool Count:
Wool length:
Wool Style:


Wool colour:

48 to 58's
50 to 100 mm
1) Main Panel:
Good style. Slightly ‘empty’ or ‘open’ broader wool types ac-
ceptable. Good condition wool.
No matted or broken wool.
2) Belly Area:
Tender wool and light matting
In butt provided a minimum pelt
length of 90mm is achievable
after trimming and still gives a
full balanced shaped skin. In
belly, to a maximum of 50 mm each side.
Medium weather staining. Black
fibre in legs. Small black fibre
spots acceptable. Heavy raddle
No grass seed, however Bathurst burr acceptable.
No dermatitis.

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